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Sunday, February 18, 2007

A day without long underwear

Today is the first day in months that I am not wearing long underwear. Surely Spring is on the way. Pat, our resident weatherman, believes that the frigid days are behind us. Bill and Pepper and I will celebrate with a long walk this afternoon. We're hoping to take Jim and Nancy Wight up on their offer to let us walk on their land south east about 4 miles out of town.

Time to buy those seed potatoes!

I saw an eagle soaring high above me as I walked out east of town yesterday.

And on Thursday I spied a bobcat out the back window of the bunkhouse while we were having lunch. She was on the prowl just west of the tracks. Bill got a good look with his binoculars. Sure enough - no house cat this. Short tale and spots.

Yesterday evening Bill and I took a spur of the moment trip to El Dorado for Mexican Food and music at the Iron Horse Concert Hall. A great spot with great music that I am surprised was not better attended. It's at the pack of a small art gallery and frame shop. Run by a man with Mardi Gras beads around his neck by the name of Dan Koch. Harry Bennet of Kansas Organic Producers put us onto the place. Music last night by The 5 Man Trio. Bluesy, folk rock music. All original. Actually 3 men - Dave, Gary and Chris - playing countless instruments which I will nonetheless attempt to list for you: 5 guitars, a string bass, 3 harmonics, a variety of drums, cymbals and the like, two brass instruments and some more that I've missed. This place is a keeper.


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