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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's the middle of January and...

...there's not much to say except that it is slippery out. As the temperature goes up about 1 degree a day the ice gets more treacherous. We've all landed on our butts more than once. Go with the flow (downhill) is my motto.

On an very positive note the days are getting longer. If I leave the office by 5:45 it is still light enough to walk home safely. Bill took a walk to town in the dark the other night - to pick up some photograhs that Jim Worster was printing. When he came back he noted that the only danger is getting hit by a drunk driver on the road. No purposefully malicious humans or even animals to worry about.

We got a draft grant proposal of to the Kansas Historical Society yesterday. Hoping to raise some money to get some significant restoration work done at Pioneer Bluffs.


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