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Saturday, January 20, 2007

A mouse in the house

The weather is a big deal around here.

I went on a great walk this mornign. Getting myself lost a bit and then finding myself walking among the whitewashed rocks that spell out "Matfield Green" in huge letters on the hillside west of the bunkhouse. The walked was only marred by the moment in which I slipped going down into a small dry creek bed. Slipped back and conked my head. No lasting damage but surprising and kind of scary.

Then on my way back from coaching in Emporia this morning it started to snow. Highway 50 wasn't actually very bad - the truck traffic melts the snow - but the trucks passing and blowing ice onto my windshield makes me panic a bit every time. And the last 15 miles on Highway 177 are treacherous with snow.

Finally, whenever the temperature drops one solitary mouse shows up in my office house. I don't mind really but I'm always surprised. And if I'm on the phone with a client I have to try to keep from yelping. (That sentence was just interupted by a yelp as the mouse jumped out of my wastebasket!)


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