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Monday, January 15, 2007

Whew! I'm back

After much round and about on the google and blogger help desks I am back in business. Hurray! It's an icy winter day here. Snow and freezing rain all weekend and now the ground is covered with what looks like snow, but if you walk or even drive on it you leave no print.

It was a great day for Bill to be out taking pictures of Pioneer Bluffs. We are scrambling to get a draft grant proposal together for the Kansas Historical Society. Draft due to be postmarked tomorrow. I'm writing much of the narrative while Bill and Tom focus on the specifics of the construction projects we're proposing and developing the budget and timeline. It's all for stabilization and urgent repairs of the buildings. I dreaded working on it, but actually it's been fun, and putting actual dollar amounts to the work that needs to be done has quieted my worry about fundraising. It's a lot of money. But it's specific and we can start to bite off chunks and go for it.


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