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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The California Sisters

Pat Wick and Jessica Gilbert are two sisters from California who have been making a huge difference in the town of Ramona, KS - a town of about 100 people just a little north and west of Matfield Green. Like us they are transplants (move-ins) their Aunt calls them. Unlike us they had roots in Kansas, with aunts and uncles still in Ramona, a decided advantage when it comes to fitting in (not that I'm complaining about the welcome we've received).

Pat has published a book of essays and photos called "Another Day in the Country." I just read a paragraph that rung very true and may help to explain to my city friends my seeming obsession with the weather:

She writes, "There's a differenct scale of measurement in the country than in the city. In the city, commerce sets the tone and demands a forty-hour week or a workday that extends until teh work is done. There is predictablity from nine to five, end of the month, vacations, and fiscal year. In the country, nature dominate the timetable with sunrise adn darkness, summer and fall, heat and freezing westher. One can never quite predict when things change in the country."

Thanks for that, Pat.


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