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Monday, February 05, 2007

Game on Game Day

There was quite a crowd at the Hitchin Post for the Super Bowl. The Big Game wasn't the only draw. Sue & Ken were true to their promis to serve "game on game day." It started with Ken serving everyone in the bar a plate of rabbit, duck and vension meat. The venison was chewy and flavorful. The rabbit looked exactly like chicken and tasted great. And either I didn't get any duck or it tasted like venison. After that, to our surprise, Ken brought over a pheasant "not under glass" just for our table. I was doing my best to save room for the rabbit stew (with potatoes, carrots and onions) from the big crock pot on the pool table. There was barely room for a taste but oh was it good.

I joined the football pool, guessing that the Bears would win 33-27. They didn't.


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