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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mulching the spinach

Yesterday I drove to Council Grove (to meet with an accountant on Pioneer Bluffs Foundation business) it was a warm spring day. I saw two hawks sitting together on a branch, as if the day brought out the romantic in even these solitary creatures. But even by noon there was a change in the air.

I stopped and bought home grown lettuce at the Strong City grocery, commenting that I'd soon have some of my own. The clerk suggested that I'd want to mulch that lettuce cause it was supposed to get down to 30 degrees last night. I did and she was right - I woke up to a light frost this morning. Stopping at the gas station I ran into Kathy Dean. She was planning to wrap her fruit trees too. I passed that on to Bill who wrapped the three little ones (plum, peach and pear if I remember correctly) that we planted last April.

And now they're predicting 24 degrees on Saturday night. So out I went this afternoon to cover the spinach and strawberries in a mulch of straw.

Wish us luck.


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