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Monday, April 02, 2007

Adding at "s"

I've added an "s" to the title of my blog so that I can keep on writing. We've been here a year and a month now. I've considering closing the book, but I decided that it is a good excercise to keep calling upon myself to see with the eyes of a newcomer.

Through my pregnant newcomer eyes, the colt across the street is particularly compelling. He couldn't be more than a few days old. He wasn't there when I left for Madison last Wednesday, and Friday there he was (or there she was) standing beside mama, blending into her color. As skinny as can be. He's been sleeping most of the day today (or at least every time I pass). Mama stays nearby, watching and grazing.

The Millers' yard looks spectacular. Tulips, crocuses, fruit trees of all colors. My apple tree is blooming and the red buds (those buds are good in salads) are stunning purple in yards and along riverbanks.

The gooseberry and raspberry bushes we planted yesterday have resurrected themselves and I've tasted the first asparagus from the seeds I started back in Chicago more than a year and a half ago. Delicious. A small bed behind my office telling me to plant more, plant more, plant more.


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