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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday in the garden

A wonderful Sunday morning. I weeded (easily) away the Queen Anne's Lace seedlings that Charlie Pilgrim had promised me I'd find in his manure. Lo and behold I have lovely rows of lettuce, spinach and radishes. The peas had already risen above everything else. The cabbage seedlings are lost among the annual rye that I failed to till sufficiently before planting. Ah well. I can buy plants.

I added more peas, onion sets (for green onions), onion plants (for white onions) and more radishes (because Pat loves radishes).

Bill and I spent the afternoon with Roger the Mennonite cabinet maker in Burns, about 20 miles west of us. Using Bill's design as a starting point he gave us everything we'd dreamed of for the same price as Sutherlands in El Dorado was going to do it - and I trust Roger implicitly when he says he'll have the cabinets done in early June. To my surprise (and showing the ignorance of my assumptions about Mennonites) he designed and calculated everything on a sophisticated computer program. Quite the contrast to his wife Geneva's traditional dress.

While we were at Roger's shop I found the first tick of the season on the inside of Pepper's ear. At home yesterday evening I found the second tick of the season on my own outer thigh.


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