Matfield Green - Our first years

Friday, February 23, 2007

House Update

Yesterday was a red letter day. Bill, with some help from Jim Worster, emptied the trailer that has been sitting behind the new house for almost a year, putting all of our worldly good (many of which we had forgotten about) into the new barn. We are now poised to move in, probably in May.

There has been lots of progress but not much of it visible in a photograph if I were to post one. Pat has installed all the plumbing and is moving on to the electrical. He has also framed the rooms upstairs and down - the living spaces are sketched in and waiting for the drywallers. Now Pat has moved on to installing electrical wiring. As soo as that's done he'll move outside to put up the siding (already painted by Willie and Bill) while a team of drywallers goes to work indoors.


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