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Monday, March 12, 2007

Wind Turbine step one

It's a beautful day out. Cool and blue. The air, as I stepped out of my office to put a letter in the mailbox, is a bit manury - thanks to the feedlot east of town. But not unpleasant.

There is wild garlic in abundance and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my spinach, lettuce, radish, cabbage and pea seeds are getting ready to burst forth as seedlings.

On the house front, we picked out appliances on Friday afternoon, and earlier that day took delivery on our wind tower. The turbine has yet to arrive, but as soon as it does Travis Creswell of Joplin MO will show up to put the whole thing together. (That's Travis in the center in the picture above. The picture shows Jess Dean contemplating how to get the tower parts off the trailer. )120 feet tall, the tower will go on the hill just north of our new house. We will still be hooked up to the grid as backup but hope to generate the bulk of electricity from the wind. Extra energy will be stored in batteries and in a giant hot water heater. Feel free to come over and bathe at our house on windy days!


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