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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Matfield celebrates St. Pat's

It was a big weekend in Matfield Green. We hosted a dinner party (burgers) in our half-complete studion on Friday night. Guests braved the dark to use the outhouse, but otherwise it was very comfortable. Jess & Carol provide the music and I made a big messy cake. My first try at boiled frosting and I don't think I got the sugar quite hot enough.

On Saturday there was a screening of John O'hara's beautiful film about the Flint Hills to standing room only at the Hitchin' Post. Clara Jo poured green punch and the Bud was flowing. The film will be shown on PBS April 29.

Oh and there was a Saint Patrick's Day Parade from the school to the bar before the film. I missed it to finish a good mystery novel. Oops.

That evening some of the town gathered at the lumber yard for Pizza cooked in the big brick oven, while others ate corned beef and cabbage at the Hitchin' Post. I've never liked corned beef much so I wasn't too sad that we had planned the Pizza Party in conflict. But, still, I'll remember next time.

Today I planted potatoes. Peas are poking up and I see some spinach and lettuce too hurray.


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