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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bird central

Two days ago at dusk we spotted a flock of Pelicans heading south behind the bunkhouse - taking a detour perhaps to spend some time at El Dorado Lake before proceeding to their summer home in Canada. At lunch yesterday, out the backdoor of the bunkhouse, 4 harriers soared on the wind. It seemed like playing or dancing from our point of view, but every once in awhile one would stick out its talons an dive toward the ground, suddenly full of purpose. Bluebirds are everywhere - always in pairs. The larks guide me home along the lane, skipping from fence post to fence post as I return from my morning walk. And perhaps best of all, yesterday afternon the Scissortail Flycatcher returned.

Phil Miller reports seeing, for the first time ever at their feeder, not one or two but **15 ** Yellowheaded Blackbirds.


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