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Monday, December 18, 2006


Sue Smith owns our local bar - the Hitchin' Post. Her sister, Markel Porter, is an opera singer. On Saturday night Markel sang at the Hitchin' Post. It was her third year in a row, so she knew what she was getting into. The stage is a riser back by the storage room. Her backdrop is a wall full of mounted dear heads. We all ate prime rib and baked potatoes. Sue served a lot of Bud Light and a handful of Cokes. The sign reminded us that there would be no smoking during the performance. (Apparently the first year there was no such sign and Markel had no voice in the days after the show.) The kitchen closed at 7:30 and the performance began.

Markel wore a long black skirt, a white satin shirt and a seductive purple lily corsage.

She sang in German and in Italian and in English, accompanied by a boom box. She sang traditional Christmas carols. We all joined in on Joy to the World. She did a sexy redition of Santa Baby. As she started that one Deb Zeiner rushed up to through a red feather boa around the diva's neck. Markel incorporated the prop perfectly. What Deb was doing with a red boa at the Hitchin Post none of us dared ask.

There were more women at the Hitchin Post than perhaps there would be on a typical Saturday, but there was also a good smattering of truckdrivers and cowhands. We all applauded. No one left at intermission.

At intermission the was a drawing for a 5-pound chocolate bar. Bill did the honors and drew the name of Jordan Crofoot, at 12 years old by far the youngest person in the place. She was thrilled. Good job, Bill!

Great night, Sue!

At intermission there


  • Hi Julia, your Blog, and this item in particular got quite a bit of attention on Phil Johnston's Greenwood County History Community Roundtable on KOTE last Thursday.
    Glad to hear things are going well in The Hills....hope you get some rain. Hope to see you in June....Gerry Brazil

    By Blogger Gerry Brazil, at 10:05 AM  

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