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Thursday, December 07, 2006

A funny cattle family

I guess that technically it is a herd not a family. But it's such a small herd, just 14 cattle, that it strikes me as more of a family than a herd. Especially because there is one big one, kind of dad-like, one middle sized one, like a mom, and twelve babies. They are probably all steers but I haven't looked closely enough to tell. They have taken up residence in the pasture across from the bunkhouse.

I suspect they are Black Angus. One has a white face, the rest are pure black and shiny. The babies are about 3 feet tall - probaby not babies at al but adolescents. The dad is at least five feet tall and the "mom" is in between.

They followed me along the fence as I returned from my walk yesterday. Pepper had already raced ahead and was standing expectantly by her food bowl. So, the cattle accompanied me along the last hundred yards or so toward home and breakfast, as curious about me as I am about them.


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