Matfield Green - Our first years

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Natural wonders

A baby ring neck snake under a wood pile in front of the bunkhouse.

The night hawk yesterday evening. Floating on the breeze high above us on the prairie. Diving deep and straight toward the earth. Unearthly gutteral sound of whirring wings when 4 feet above the ground he flips and soars right back up again. Searching for bugs? Probably. Having a wonderful time? Absolutely.

Tiny gray mouse scurring through the recently burned grass.

Missouri evening primrose. Pale yellow flower not yet open. She'll bloom as it gets darker, opening her petals for polination by only a certain type of moth. Lovely slender and pale green leaves, veined in white.

Eastern blue bird shimmering in the mid-morning sun.

Five sleek and playful horses lingering in the corner of the field across the street from us. Keeping there eyes on us, as we do on them.


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