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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A skunk in the dump

I took a short and early walk with Pepper this morning - had to be at the office by 7am for a Coach U teleclass. As we neared the bunkhouse, passing the site that Pat used to dump materials when he was clearing out the building in the initial stages of construction, I looked up to see Pepper going head-to-head with a skunk. 2 feet between them. Skunk's tale raised.

"Pepper, no." I yelled. "Pepper." Both still. "Pepper, no, no, no." Both turn. Skunk runs back into her home in the refuse pile. Pepper trots toward me. I prepare for the worst. Take a wiff as she nears. And another. Wondering if it is fair to leave Bill with a skunky dog to wash first thing in the morning.

To my joy, Pepper smells exactly like herself. As sweet as any slightly smelly farm dog.

So we move happily back to the bunkhouse for breakfast.

What do skunks eat for breakfast, I wonder?


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