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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Kansas Rural Letter Carriers' Association

If you want to buy stamps here on Rural Route 1, you simply put a check (or cash) in your mailbox - it's one of those metal boxes with a little red flag on it - with a note to Joy the postal carrier. She takes the check and replaces it with stamps. Or if you want to mail a package and don't know how much postage it takes, or don't have it, you put the package in the mailbox and hoist the flag to let Joy know to stop for a pick-up. She'll take the package and leave a note letting you know how much you owe her.

Yesterday I left a check and a note requesting 500 stamps - more than she usually carries I assume. She left 200 right away and came back today with 300 more. Plus a note on Kansas Rural Letter Carriers' Association paper:

Thank you for buying your postage from us. We appreciate your business.
Thanks again!
Cassoday P.O. & Rural Carrier

Cassoday is a very small town down the road about 10 miles. It has a gas station, a school, a cafe and an antique store. There must be a church somewhere too. A little more substantial than Matfield Green, but not much. I'll bet the post office there is never sure if they'll be the next casualty of the exodus from rural America. I'll buy all my stamps from Joy from now on. It's wonderful and I hope it lasts. Maybe I need to write more letters.


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