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Thursday, May 04, 2006

telephone, DSL, corn & raspberries

A long day on the telephone yesterday. I'm taking classes through Coach U, a great help as I my coaching business started. It is a truly global enterprise - all on the telephone. Yesterday morning's 7am class was taught by a woman in Israel. Students included Henry from Belgium - familiar from a previous class - as well as callers from Singapore, China, England, the Caiman Islands and the United States.

At 8am I was on the phone with Maren and Tony at the University of Massachusetts, learning what I need to know to teach an online class in strategic planning for arts managers.

At 11am I was coaching a client in Chicago, at 2pm I was on the phone with my mentor coach who lives in Seattle, at 3:30 I met - by telephone of course - with Doris from the Flint Area Association of Realtors. She is helping me prepare to present a class on leadership in DC on May 16 for the National Assocation of Realtors.

All good. But it makes me think I need to go out and say hello to my neighbors.

I got seed corn in the ground last night while Bill dug holes for raspberry plants along the inside of the corral fence. He asked me how many plants I'd bought. I said "15". He heard "50" and started digging. 25 holes later we clarified the issue. Got the 15 planted and now wondering what to with our 10 empty holes.


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