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Monday, May 08, 2006

Apple promises

There in the foreground of this picture of the west side of my office, where I come and go everyday, is a tiny little apple to be. About 1 inch round. Where just a few weeks ago there were blossoms. In a few more weeks we'll be baking apple pie.

I've spent most of today mailing letters to everyone I know telling them (you) about my coaching business. I don't write much about it here - but I am loving this new aspect of my work. I have five clients and am hoping to increase that to 15 by the end of summer. I love the work - the conversations with client - as well as the things I'm learning in my "Coach U" teleclasses and my work with my mentor coach to build my business. It feels like I've found my calling. I'd be upset about not having found it before except that this work demands a kind of settled maturity that I probably haven't really grown into before now.

Pat is pouring the concrete floor in the 3rd and final bunkhouse unit today. Bill is preparing to plant six large oak trees that we bough at Tree-rific in Andover last week, and I took an hour off in the middle of the day to plant a few more peppers and a couple of melon seedlings that survived their tumultous infancy. I also thinned lettuce that I had seeded so thickly that none of them have any room to grow. A lesson this gardener should note for next year. Or better yet for the late summer planting.


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