Matfield Green - Our first years

Friday, November 24, 2006


We're having some extra warm days this week, making it great fun to cook our turkey on the grill yesterday afternoon. I traveled to the Co-op in Lawrence last Saturday, 250 miles round trip, to buy the turkey and organic vegetables. Far from the self-sufficient farm life I'm aiming for but given the local grocery store alternatives, well worth the journey. The free-range turkey from a farm near Lawrence was exceptionaly juicy and rich.

Ted and Peggy Wolff, friends from Chicago joined us for dinner and are staying the weekend at the Grand Central Hotel in Cottonwood Falls. Ted is a railfan, so"trackside" at the bunkhouse is heaven for him. Susi Lulaki drove in from Kansas City, making it five for dinner. Afterward we hooked up with Tom and Barb and visiting family members for pie and coffee.

This morning Bill, Ted and I walked west from the bunkhouse, giving Ted the opportunity to admire from above the "S" of the freight trains as they ply the track toward Matfield Green. The fog this morning was extraordinary, layered in the valleys and draws with bright sun sparkling on the bluestem hills above.

We had our first official board meeting of the Pioneer Bluffs Foundation by telephone this morning. We've got the paperwork done to incorporate and will take ownership of the property on December 1.


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