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Monday, November 20, 2006

Home again

So good to be back. The only good part of being away is stretching out on the bed at night. Here at home Pepper takes every opportunity to get a little closer to her humans. Breathe in and the dog is nearer still. My kingdom for a door!

Bill and I have made a habit of a Sunday morning walk together. Yesterday's started with the sight of a bald eagle soring overhead as we drove out to Jane and Marva's place. Their dog Alice, found out by the telephone tower just a few weeks ago and still very much a puppy herself at less than a year old, has just given birth to four pups. The tiniest one died in the first 48 hours, but the other three, all boys, are doing great, squeeling and suckling and having a great time in the box with mama. They'll be ready for new homes by December 22, so if you need a Christmas present... Alice weighs about 25 pounds, barely barks and is as sweet as can be.

We walked along the dry bed of Thurman creek and then up into the prairie. I'd never seen clouds exactly like the ones that gently echoed the swell of the hills below. We traversed at three distinctly different speeds. Bill the arrowhead hunter. Me making a loop in the sunlight, eager to feel my body moving, getting some exercise as he sifted through rocks down in the creekbed. And Pepper being called urgently hither and yon by smells we can only imagine.


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