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Friday, April 21, 2006

Chicago from a different point of view

I'm in Chicago, teaching an Advocacy class in the nonprofit management certificate program at the University of Chicago. They've put me up for 4 nights at the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza. 21 stories above downtown looking right down on Wolf Point, a perfect birds-eye view of the convergence of the three branches of the Chicago River.

A small class of 5 enthusiastic students - when it's like this I love teaching!

Friends Ted & Peggy Wolff, and Ted's dad Peter Wolff, visited us in Matfield Green last weekend. He's a train buff so our back deck is Ted Nirvana. (Ted and Peggy, you could use the comments section to record highlights of your trip!)

They'd visited us before and remembered the great food at the Burn's Cafe, so they made a couple of trips there over the weekend, learning, sad to say, that the cook is getting married and the restaurant is being sold. The current owners are looking for another Mennonite family to take over. Here's hoping!

Ted and Peggy treated me to a typically hip Chicago dinner at Opera last night - fusion Chinese and a light red wine. Things not seen at the Burns Cafe. Not a bite of beef on our table - though we did order the Mongolian lamb ribs with watercress. Earlier in the day, I did the typical tourist thing, dropping money for new shoes at Nordstrom's and Nordstrom's rack. A fine habit if I dont' get to come back to Chicago too often.


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