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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Checking in with myself

Earlier this week friend Wendy Lane, artist from Saint Paul, asked if I ever found this new life overwhelming. I've thought about that question a lot since she posed it.

It's a pretty simple life. My work is interesting and I am having fun building my nascent coaching business. I miss my close friends and some of the familiarities of life in Chicago but so much of what I have here is absolutely satisfying. We have wonderful people right here in Matfield Green that I enjoy spending time with and am eager to get to know better. I have my husband and my dog, and Pat Moss not only keeps everything running smoothly (he's working on replacing my office water heater today), he also adds a different point of view to our evening's conversation.

This blog, and the knowledge that you are reading, helps me feel connected and keeps me alert to what is new and noteworthy.

I have the birds - some teeny little ones tapping away looking for bugs on the gravel road outside my office window. I have my early morning walks and lots of time for contemplation (Pepper would rather sniff than contemplate). This week I've been considering the journey out from home and the return along the same path that is never really the same. So much changes as the sun rises and the day begins. This morning I felt like I glimpsed a secret promise as the sun shown through brightly at 6:30 and was overtaken by clouds by the time I returned home at about 8am.

And here I am at 1pm with the promised fulfilled. After a too brief spattering of rain, the storm that threatened the Great Plains has missed us and I can, after all, plant strawberries today.

I have four tiny asparagus shoots. Tom and I buried some transplants from Chicago last October. To my joy, they have survived the winter and I will have an asparagus patch behind my office.

And I have apple blossoms and red bud on the trees outside the office door.

So many blessings.

It is a little overwhelming after all.


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