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Monday, April 10, 2006

The snake in Clara Jo's bedroom

Tom and Barb Armstrong came to the bunkhouse for dinner on Friday night. Barb said to Tom, "Tell them about the snake." Well, apparently, one day last week, Tom got a panicked call from Clara Jo Talkington. There was a snake in her bedroom. Four feet long. Black. A rat snake. Bill identified it in his prairie reptiles book. Not poisonous. But obviously big enough that no one wanted to tangle with it. Tom was the third person Clara Jo called. The second person, who shall remain nameless, told her, "Oh no, I can't help you with that."

Tom tells the story simply. He used an old metal cattle noose (that Clara Jo had lying around) to capture the snake and drag it out into the yard.

The big question that remains in my mind is How Did it Get into the Bedroom? I guess I need to go visit Clara Jo.


  • Okay, Julia.........since happening onto your blog, I have had to resort to Valium, after reading the posts about the scorpions, coyotes, and the 4'snake at Clara Jo's. We will be 'moving in' in a week, and I am already panicking about run-ins with scorpions. I KNOW about scorpions......and frankly, I cannot FATHOM being bitten by one, or having one end up in bed with me. Ummmmmmmmm............this 'poison' that you talked about~is it still VIABLE? I have looked so forward to living out my dream of becoming a 'Pioneer Woman', but these posts give it a WHOLE, NEW, MEANING~HA!

    By Blogger bedbug, at 6:22 PM  

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