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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Our House

So that's picture a of what our house will look like. On the left are the train tracks and beyond that the prairie and the west. On the east is the National Scenic Byway. The bunkhouse is about 500 feet north of the bunkhouse with the corral and garden in between. So this is what the house will look like from the bunkhouse. The glass room on the end is the greenhouse. The rest is really a combination house/barn and studio. The barn is the whole left half. The house is the four windows upstairs on the right, and Bill's studio is downstairs on the right. There will be solar power, geo-thermal heat, and water harvested off of the roof for drinking, bathing, washing and cooking. We'll use graywater in the flushable compost toilets and are considering digging a well for irrigating the garden.

Today I feel like the project has begun in earnest. A truck pulled up with a trailer full of rebar for the foundation. Jess Dean was there, this time with a backhoe, to unload it. Digging and concrete pouring will begin soon.

In the garden, the peas are popping and little lettuces are reaching for the light. On Sunday I planted a big bed of more broccolli and kale that two people and a dog could eat in seven seasons.

I hope the neighbors like kale.


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