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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Seeding the soil blocks

More soil blocks and seeds warming on the heat mat under Bill's desk here at the bunkhouse:

Big Beef Tomatoes (in addition to yesterday's Romas and Sun Gold Cherries)
Golden Bell Peppers
and Broccoli

Makes my mouth water. Say a prayer for the little dear ones. Seeds and seedlings have such a tenuous grasp on life. These first few days and weeks are crucial.

Pepper and I walked east and north this morning, following the road along the South Fork of the Cottonwood River through the Rogler Ranch. We crossed where we'd never been able to before - Chase County is aching for rain - and took off across a field of grass and up into the hills for a fabulous 360* view. People have been known to make fun of the Flint Hills ("that's a hill?!?"), but between the terrain and the fresh air my glutes and my lungs are getting a workout. I feel healthier already.

I finished unloading boxes in my office today, rescued my desk chair from the storage trailer and cleaned the new floor (put in by Pat in January) with vinegar and water. All I need now is the telephone and Internet hookup and I'll be ready for business.


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