Matfield Green - Our first years

Monday, March 13, 2006

Farmer Julia

Yesterday - Sunday - I spent the morning shoveling manure, from Delbert's corral to Pat's truck to our garden site. What felt like a lot (and took a lot of shoveling) looked like a drop in the bucket next to 1/5 acre of clay soil. But it's a start. Tom Armstrong says he'll donate a pile of composted leaves. Any and all organic matter is welcome!

In the afternoon I mixed up some seed-started and used my new soil block makers for the first time. They work like cooky cutters, pushing out soil in the shape of a small peat pot, but no need for the pot. I planted cherry tomatoes and a whole bunch of Romas. Put them on the heat mat under Bill's desk. Growing space is at a premium until he arrives with the cold frame.

Pat and I spent the evening at Emily Hunters, eating ham and sweet potatoes with Phil & Kathy Miller, Barb Armstrong (Tom is significantly debilitated by a bad case of shingles and the effects of the painkillers), and a couple from Lawrence: Rob and Nancy. They know Emily through the Herb Growers Association. Here's a link to some of Nancy's paintings.

On our way home, Pat remarked that surely this was the only dinner party in Matfield Green where the primary topic of conversation was the sorry state of Democratic politics.

Pepper and I took a long walk east this morning, up to the top of the bluff about two miles away where we can get a good look back at the bunkhouse. Pepper is more interested in what is hiding in this patch of grass or that mole hole than she is in the view, but it never fails to take my breath away.


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