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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Birds of all feathers

Red-tale hawk
Cedar wax wing
Hairy woodpecker
Canada goose
Great blue heron
Red-wing blackbird
Crow and sparrow (of course)
Robin (I think they never leave)

I'll need to start studying my bird book so that I can paint an even broader picture of the abundance. All of these in just the last 36 hours.

Dinner at the Burns Cafe last night. A Mennonite restaurant. Simple fare. Bill's ribs were excellent. My "grilled chicken" was of the pressed variety, shaped like a small breast, but not. Moral of the story: order one of the specials. The 15 mile drive across the prairie at sunset is the cafe's biggest draw. They only serve dinner on Friday, so that makes it an easy choice when the weekend comes and we're looking for a change. There is a selection of at least 10 homemade pies for dessert - and the crusts are worth writing home about.

I've checked in with new neighbors Tom and Barb Armstrong (next door to my office) and Kathy and Phil Miller (the nearest bunkhouse neighbors, 1/2 mile north). Clara Jo Talkington turned on the water at my office. Ron Armstrong, Delbert's son, is still forelorn. "It will be two weeks ago Wednesday," he told me. He's been taking care of the horses, Rudy and Annie, and his dad's dogs, but can't really bring himself to spend much time in the house yet. Ron says I can take as much horse manure as I can use. Rudy and Annie, kindly, deposit most of it in a pile near the gate.


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