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Monday, February 06, 2006

moving into the matfield office

That's a picture of my office in beautiful downtown Matfield Green. 20 x 20, just the right size.

We're down in Kansas for the better part of this week.Drawn down by my engagement to facilitate a board retreat for the Symphony in the Flint Hills on Wednesday, Bill and I decided to use this opportunity to move books and office supplies to the Matfield Office. Prior to our arrival Pat took a few days to install a spiffy new laminate floor that really brightens up the place, making it feel clean and worthy of its place at the center of my new life.

I've had the flu and its remnants for almost two weeks now, so this trip has been quieter than I had planned. Yesterday, I spent literally the whole day in bed. Bill cleaned up our bunkhouse unit around me. Straightening things up the way he did makes our 350 square feet feel completely livable.

Today I felt better, so we went down to the office. Pat put up shelves and I started unloading books.


  • Hi Julia, I'm Delbert Armstrong's niece, Marcia Traylor...I wanted to tell you what a nice write up on Uncle Delbert, sorry I'm just learning about your web site....nice touch to Matfield, hope soon I will be back with my roots planted in Matfield. People don't really know how interesting the Flint Hills can be and what interesting things have gone on in and around Matfield Green, with all my aunt's,uncle's and cousin's living in and around Matfield, I have heard and seen a lot, much more then some people know....Tee Hee Hee!! I loved my Uncle Delbert so much and I miss him!!! It's just not the same around Matfield. The write up made him touch back with my brought some tears into my eyes, that is OK....I miss him....again, a really nice web site...thank you...and also congrat's to your new son...see ya all soon....Marcia

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:01 PM  

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