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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Packing books

It's a sunny Saturday and we've been packing boxes of books. Making choices of what to keep and what we will live the rest of our lives without. Bill's dad's spelling book from the 1920s we keep. The book of Picasso prints gets tossed, but Munch is too fascinating to throw away. The more we pack the more it is clear that we have. This is the easy part, since all of the books will be accessible on shelves in my office. The next phase of packing will be more difficult as we decide not only what to keep and what to throw away, but also, what we can do without for a year (while we build our house) and what we'll want to have on hand.

Space will be limited. 350 square feet in the bunkhouse, another 400 or so in my office in town, plus whatever we can squeeze into our little laundry room or under a tarp out by the garden. A toolshed - built like our new outhouse from the Santa Fe railroad pattern book - will be one of this spring's first projects.


  • The laundry room..........we might need to talk about this one. Since we have now covered the gamut of scorpions, armadillo, rat snakes, mice, and it pretty safe to assume that laundry can be done WITHOUT any of these varmints 'loitering' unawares in 'that there' bunkhouse? Truly.......I will be grateful to have somewhere to sleep at night....but the anxiety about all this 'wildlife' illicits silent screams of "Kill me, NOW!" It makes me want to triple-insulate OUR remodeling project!

    By Blogger bedbug, at 11:26 PM  

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