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Monday, January 23, 2006

Our house goes on the market today

Here I am.
44 years old and a woman. Sitting at my window in Chicago. In my home office overlooking Horner Park.
Our Chicago house goes on the market today. We took it off for the holidays and are starting over now. New realtor. New price. The cleaners are here, Martha and Eddie, sprucing things up for the hords of potential buyers who will soon be tramping through (I hope). I've said that we'll move even if it doesn't sell by March 1, but I'd feel better just packing up and getting out, with no reason to worry about the house we are leaving behind. I'd be happy to make this house someone else's responsibility.

So here I am. It's a sunny day. I've paid the bills. There is a little bit of work I could do to finish a project I'm being paid to do.

I've had a string of interesting careers. Actor. Nonprofit manager. And now a consultant. I facilitate. I train. I teach. I write. I'd like to get into personal coaching but am not quite sure how to get started. May need the help of a coach myself. Mostly I'm looking forward to the gardening - to seeing what I'll find there in the dirt.


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