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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The calm after the pig roast

Our fourth annual bunkhouse pig roast is over and we are relaxing in the glow of a good time. We had at least 150 people at our place on Saturday evening, inaugurating the not yet complete barn with good food and great music. We cooked a pig (Dennis Arb from Emporia cooked it I mean, for the third year in a row) and everyone brought a covered dish. The desserts were amazing - the number and variety - and I have never seen so many varieties of baked beans.

Little miracles abounded. Not the least of which is that by simply writing "please bring a covered dish" on an invitation all of this bounty appears, like so many loaves and fishes, enough for all of us to eat our fill.

More than that, a couple named Penner, whom we had not met before Saturday evening, gave us the pig. June Talkington raises pigs and he raised this one - which weighed in at 165 lbs before it was slaughtered - but apprarently he does not own all of the pigs. He raises them for others. In this case for the Penners who live about 40 miles away from here in own pigs who live (and die) on various farms in Kansas and Nebraska. They liked the idea of contributing to a community event. What a happy thing!

We ate and talked and Jess Dean and his band played blues and country music. Emily and Lyn Armstrong danced on the upstairs deck in the barn. Willie McBride and Jim Worster hung their art up on the catwalk, drawing people upstairs to look around.

In spite of trains and cars and construction site there were no significant accidents. Hurray! (Although I did have to take my dad to the emergency room in Emporia on Friday - a chili making accident in which his thumb got caught between bean can lid and knife - some superglue and a splint did the job and I don't think he'll be any worse for the wear.)

Family were here from California, Ohio, Wisconsin and New York. Laurene and Vladimir and Doug and Mimi - friends from Chicago - too. New friends from Emporia and almost-old-friends-now from Matfield Green. They are all gone now. Dad was the last to leave today after a lunch of pork sandwiches. Karl went back to Wisconsin on an early morning flight out of Wichita.


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