Matfield Green - Our first years

Friday, October 06, 2006


We are infested with scorpions.

Okay, only 6 or so sightings in the last week and they're not the poisonous type. But when they sting like that, any is too many. Pepper has a welt the size of nickle on her nose. Our apartments is in chaos as we try to vacuum every nook and cranny. Pat was attacked in his sleep. And Bill has caught three of the 2 inch long arachnids scooting right in through our front door.

We caught one last week and dropped it off by the side of the road 30 miles away. But that was last week. This week has made murderers of us.

When we see one, we stomp it. And we've laid a ring of poison around the bunkhouse. I don't like it. But, they've driven us to it. I don't want to feel that pain.


  • Hi Julia,
    Just found your blog when I was trying to find Helen Ridder. It's fun catching up with your progress in Matfield Green--

    I spent two weeks there in the summer of 2004, stayed in Orchard House, dreamed of buying a little place for a getaway. I grew up near there and am now in the last stages of finishing my book about Kansas and the trips I've made back. When I was there, I met Bill, who'd come through to show the bunkhouse (then under construction) to some "railroad nuts," and it's great to catch up with how things are going there.

    I'll check in now and then to read the news of your garden and your life in Matfield. So sad to hear about the Rogler auction--hard to believe, given how long the family's been on that land.

    Best wishes,

    By Blogger Tracy Seeley, at 1:27 PM  

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