Matfield Green - Our first years

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Moving day! - October 12 2007

We'd finally had enough of living in 350 square feet. It was not any easy moving day. But two weeks later, as I write, I'm just glad we got it done! Did someone suggest packing? Oh no, just throw it all in Pat's truck!
Thank heaven for Phil & Kathy Miller, our next door neighbors, who saved the day and got us moved the 400 feet from bunkhouse to new house. The little red wagon also played an important role.
Manny Jim took Luke for a walk while the big move progressed.

Luke seemed perfectly content with his new living room, and is sleeping well (most of the time at least) in his new/own room.

A couple of photos from pigroast 2007

The fifth annual bunkhouse pigroast has come and gone - with lots of guests (somewhere between 150 and 200 is our best guess) from near and far. That's Grandpa & Grandma in the top photo, back again for some time with Luke, along with my brother Jim and his daughter Sarafina from Austin Texas. That's sister Justine and brother Willie, whom Luke met for the first time pigroast weekend, in the bottom photo.