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Friday, August 11, 2006

Dinnertime in hummingbird land

Seven hummingbirds came in from the rain yesterday evening, taking shelter under the Bunkhouse roof overhang. Five sat down for dinner at our feeder while two hovered nearby awaiting their turn at the table. In the flick of a wing the moment had come, and then it was gone.

It rained at least one and three-quarter inches between about 4:15 and 7pm yesterday. I believe that each of us, all living things, are connected through our membership in the living body of the earth. I felt that quite profoundly last night as my body relaxed and expanded in response to the rain. Some of my response was simple, personal relief as the temperature dropped from 105 degrees to about 75 in a matter of minutes. But there was also something more universal than that happening. As the tomatoes and watermelons and the apple trees drank deeply, my thirst was quenched.


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