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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Camp Counselor

It is difficult to be dedicated blogger and energetic camp counselor at the same time. Thus the dearth of entries lately, as I plan and execute activity after activity for my 10 and 11 year old niece and nephew. And enjoy myself a lot in the process. We've been swimming at the pool/water park in Emporia. Fabulous slides! We've been over to play with the O'briens and their cousins (Eureka! there are children in Matfield Green.) We saw the Wizard of Oz performed by the Wichita Music Theatre. A top-flight production that got extra laughs on all the Kansas references. We've been canoeing on Council Grove Lake. I took them over to Mary Ann Quay's place so that she could teach them to ride a horse. We've spent hours in the stock tank that Emily lent us and we filled up with cool water to help us through the steamy July days. We've picked tomatoes and eaten lots and lots of them. And today I dragged the young campers out to Cedar Point to look at the historic mill and have a picnic in the 95 degree heat.

That last thing, they didn't like much. Those Wisconsinites just can't stand the heat.

And, worklife goes on. Yesterday I had a first meeting with a coaching client here at my office. I was on the phone with another client when she arrived, so she went for a short walk. A few minutes later when I opened the door and let her in she said, half-laughing, half wondering what kind of world she had stumbled into, "Security is really good around here." Apparently she'd been met on the street just outside my little office by a man with a shotgun who asked her if she was going for a walk. It was just Tom Armstrong being friendly, perhaps forgetting, or ignoring, the fact that he had the gun in his hand. I learned later that Tom has the gun because he must terminate a family of skunks who have taken up residence in his backyard.

Bill has been learning the Latin names for the native plants and animals and teaching them to the kids. The other morning he woke up with the perfect Latin name for Pepper: Dogondis Bedhoggi.


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