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Monday, June 19, 2006

Coyotes on the run

The other night Bill looked west toward the corral just in time to see a young female deer confront two coyotes who had been nosing around a pile of rocks. The doe charged and the coyotes took off running with mama deer in hot pursuit. There must have been a fawn hidden somewhere and those hairy beasts were getting much to close.

I spent hours this weekend weeding around the strawberry plants. I found two sweet red berries hidden among the leaves. Perfect. I was supposed to pick off all of the blossoms so the plant's energy could go into developing roots rather than producing berries this first season. Glad I missed a couple!

I replanted beans and corn in the places seeds failed to sprout the first time. Meanwhile we are eating slightly bitter lettuce leaves - the only one of our cool weather crops that has survived the hot hot spring. Tomotoes, peppers, squashes, melons and cucumbers are going gangbusters though, so I'm hoping for some good mid-summer meals.


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